718 Cayman
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718 Cayman
718 Cayman
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718 Cayman GT4
718 Boxster
718 Boxster
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718 Cayman T
718 Boxster T
718 Boxster T
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718 Cayman S
718 Boxster S
718 Boxster S

Dane techniczne

8,6 - 9,0
l/100 km
193,0 - 203,0
300 KM/220 kW Moc (KM)/Moc (kW)
5,3 s Przyspieszenie 0-100 km/h
4,7 s Przyspieszenie 0-100 z pakietem Chrono Sport
275 km/h Prędkość maksymalna
1801 mm Szerokość
4379 mm Długość


Położenie silnika


Liczba cylindrów



1988 cm³

Moc (kW)

220 kW

Moc (KM)

300 KM

przy liczbie obrotów

6500 r/min

Maks. moment obrotowy

380 Nm

przy liczbie obrotów

1950-4500 r/min

Średnica cylindra

91 mm

Skok tłoka

76 mm

Gatunek paliwa


Zużycie paliwa / emisje

Zużycie paliwa w cyklu mieszanym (dla gamy modelowej)

8,6 - 9,0 l/100 km

Emisja CO2

197,0 - 205,0 g/km

Norma emisji

Euro 6d-TEMP

Filtr cząstek stałych


Zużycie paliwa w cyklu niskim (dla gamy modelowej)

13,5 - 13,8 l/100 km

Zużycie paliwa w cyklu średnim (dla gamy modelowej)

8,9 - 9,2 l/100 km

Zużycie paliwa w cyklu wysokim (dla gamy modelowej)

7,6 - 7,9 l/100 km

Zużycie paliwa w cyklu bardzo wysokim (dla gamy modelowej)

7,5 - 8,0 l/100 km

Skrzynia biegów

Układ napędowy

Tylna oś

Manualna skrzynia biegów

6 biegowa

Automatyczna skrzynia biegów

7 biegowa

Podwozie i zawieszenie

Przednia oś

Niezależne typu McPherson, zopytmalizowane przez Porsche

Tylna oś

Niezależne typu McPherson, zopytmalizowane przez Porsche


Cztero-tłokowe zasiski stałe z przodu i z tyłu

Układ kierowniczy

Wspomagany, elektromagnetyczny ze zmienną charakterystyką

Systemy wspomagające

Porsche Stability Management (PSM) oraz ABS

Przednie obręcze

8 J x 18 ET 57

Przednie opony

235/45 ZR 18

Tylne obręcze

9,5 J x 18 ET 49

Tylne opony

265/45 ZR 18


Przyspieszenie 0-100 km/h

4,9 s

Przyspieszenie 0-160 km/h

11,1 s

Przyspieszenie 80-120 km/h

5,6 s

Prędkość maksymalna

275 km/h

Przyspieszenie 0-100 z pakietem Chrono Sport

4,7 s



4379 mm

Szerokość (z lusterkami)

1994 mm


1801 mm


1295 mm

Rozstaw osi

2475 mm

Współczynnik Cd

.30 cW

Maksymalny załadunek

320 kg

Masa własna (DIN)

1365 kg

Masa w stanie gotowym do jazdy

1440 kg

Dopuszczalna masa całkowita

1685 kg


Pojemność bagażnika

275 l

Przestrzeń bagażowa

150 l

Zbiornik paliwa

54 l

Serwis i gwarancja

Okres gwarancji

2 lata bez limitu kilometrów

Interwał przeglądów

co 60000 km

Gwarancja lakiernicza

3 lata

Gwarancja antykorozyjna

12 lat



Kolory & Felgi



The Boxster and the Cayman are the sequel that continues the 718 era. At their heart, a turbocharged flat-four engine beats with the same fighting spirit that delivered countless podium finishes. In them lives the will to break with standards. And to inspire conviction. So it is entirely appropriate that they, too, should bear these three digits in their name and carry the 718 legend forward.
The 718 models were made for the sport of it. They are mid-engined roadsters that unite the sporting spirit of the legendary Porsche 718 with the sports car of tomorrow – and transfer it to the roads of today’s world. With one goal: to take the everyday out of every day.
Compared with the previous models, the result is a decidedly more striking design, an even sportier chassis setup and a whole host of performance, comfort and assistance systems. And, of course, up to 350 units of turbocharged horsepower (257 kW) – despite a considerable reduction in fuel consumption. Only one question remains unanswered: what are you still waiting for?
The 718 Boxter and 718 Cayman. For the sport of it.


Auto start/stop switches off the engine when the driving speed falls below 7 km/h, such as when you are approaching a red light. As soon as you release the clutch or depress the accelerator pedal, the engine restarts – swiftly and smoothly.
In conjunction with Porsche  Doppelkupplung (PDK), a coasting function becomes available where the situation allows. The engine is decoupled from the transmission to avoid deceleration caused by engine braking. In this way, optimum use is made of the vehicle’s momentum, enabling it to coast for longer distances.


Anyone can follow the straight and narrow. Only the corner is the true test of mettle. Only in the corner does a sports car really become a sports car. So it’s all the more important to have a chassis that can master any sporting challenge. And be a match for the high power output of the engine.
The axle components are for the most part made of aluminium, which keeps the vehicle weight and unsprung masses low. The wide track, long wheelbase and specific chassis construction help to deliver particularly precise and agile handling.
The direct steering system of the 718 models has a perceptibly more immediate ratio than that of the previous models. The results are agile turn-in and an even sportier driving experience – with a customarily high level of comfort.
The comfort-oriented Power steering Plus is available as an option. At high speeds, the steering is as firm as you would expect. At low speeds, the steering ratio adjusts for much easier manoeuvring and parking.


The 718 models offer advanced airbag technology in the form of full-size driver and front passenger airbags, which are inflated in two stages depending on the severity and type of accident.
All 718 models are also equipped with the Porsche  Side Impact Protection System (POSIP). It comprises side impact protection elements in the doors and two airbags on each side. An integral thorax airbag is located in each seat side bolster, while the door panels each contain an upwards-inflating head airbag.


The Sports steering wheel with its puristic design, the ascending centre console, the three round instruments with the rev counter positioned in the centre: everything in the interior is intended to put the driver first. All buttons and functions are intuitive to operate, all information is always ready to hand.
It’s an ergonomics concept that not only saves time, but looks good, too. At Porsche, function and design are inextricably linked.
Porsche Communication Management (PCM) with 7-inch touchscreen display and optional navigation module enhances form and function with a further component: near-boundless possibilities. The optional Connect or Connect Plus module is the driver’s gateway to the digital world.
The instrument cluster with 4.6-inch colour screen provides you with a continuous stream of data from the on-board computer. It also displays the map of the optional navigation system, delivers various warnings and reminds you of your chosen communication and audio settings.
The materials are no less suited to the sporty challenge. Leather and Alcantara® are easy to grip, while the firmly padded Sports seats provide support during dynamic cornering manoeuvres.
The Sport-Tex leather interior is available in puristic black or the stylish two-tone combination of Graphite Blue and Crayon. Sport-Tex offers excellent breathability, good support and an expressive appearance. A sporty detail is added in the seam pattern of the Sports seats Plus with selected decorative stitching in a contrasting colour.
So, what does it actually look like? That’s down to you, and you alone. Choose from a variety of interior options, materials and colours and turn your 718 model into the 718 you always believed it could be.

Audio & Communication
Audio & Communication

Sound systems
Sound Package Plus
Sound Package Plus delivers excellent sound. It comprises six loudspeakers and a total output of 110 watts in the 718 Boxster, and eight loudspeakers with 150 watts in the 718 Cayman. The amplifier integrated into PCM optimally adapts the acoustic pattern in the vehicle interior to the driver and front passenger.

BOSE® Surround Sound System
Specially developed for Porsche, the optional BOSE® Surround Sound System is optimally tuned to the specific interior acoustics of the 718 Boxster and 718 Cayman. The audio system features 10 amplifier channels and 10 loudspeakers including a patented 100-watt active subwoofer integral to the vehicle bodyshell and produces a total output of 505 watts. This fully active system setup enables each individual loudspeaker to be optimally adapted to the vehicle interior. In short: in the 718 models, you’re always centre stage.

Burmester® High-End Surround Sound System
The road is perhaps the only place in the world in which you can still listen to music without disturbance. And when it’s done, it should be done right – together with the most important manufacturer of premium quality sound systems in Germany. The result is a sound performance of the highest level, specially matched to your 718 Boxster or 718 Cayman.

The system has 12 amplifier channels with a total output of 821 watts, 12 loudspeakers including an active subwoofer with 300-watt class D amplifier, a total diaphragm surface area of more than 1,340 cm², and a frequency response of 35 Hz to 20 kHz.

The Burmester® system uses the patented body-integral subwoofer solution. Analogue and digital filters have been optimally defined for their specific installation location.

Ribbon tweeters (air motion transformers, AMT) have been used for unmistakably fine, clear and undistorted high-frequency sound reproduction with excellent level stability.

All loudspeaker housings are perfectly matched and deliver a natural and richly textured spatial sound, even at top volume.

Porsche Connect
Porsche Connect

The new Porsche Communication Management (PCM)
The enhanced Porsche Communication Management (PCM) is your central control unit for all infotainment applications and is standard equipment in all models. The PCM features a high-resolution touch display with integrated proximity sensor which allows simple and convenient operation.

Infotainment already starts when you charge and connect your iPhone® or any other audio source. You can connect your device easily using either the USB port or AUX input. An internal hard drive (Jukebox) and two SD card readers are provided in addition to the CD/DVD drive for playback of your personal music. After inserting the SD cards, you can simply play your music with the music player in the PCM.

The mobile phone preparation makes it easy for you to establish a Bluetooth® connection to a mobile phone that supports the hands-free profile (HFP). The mobile phone can remain in your pocket or bag.

Further information on the availability of the functions and services described here and under “Porsche Connect” in your country and for your Porsche model is available in the Porsche Car Configurator and from your Porsche Centre.

Due to country-specific legislation and requirements, not all models and equipment features are available in certain countries. For more information about the exact equipment specifications, please consult your Porsche Centre.


Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur
Our wealth of experience goes back a long way. Since the very beginning, we at Porsche have been dedicated to realising customer wishes as part of our special request service. Known until 1986 as the Porsche ‘Sonderwunschprogramm’, today we call it Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur. The philosophy has remained the same. Hand on heart.

We love what we do. We love our work. Every seam, every square inch of leather, and every single other fine detail receives the same devotion. It’s how we bring dreams to life. And how we create something unique. Directly from the Manufaktur.

None of this would be possible without originality, inspiration and enthusiasm, beginning as early as the consultation stage. That’s because we keep in mind one thing above all else: your particular wishes and requirements. We fulfil them with composure and meticulous care, through precision handcrafting and the use of exquisite materials such as leather, Alcantara®, carbon, mahogany or aluminium.

Added value is achieved through dedication and finesse. In other words, we handcraft a product that blends sporty performance, comfort and style and reflects your own personal taste. A Porsche with your signature touch.

Zużycie paliwa / emisja

8,5 - 9,0
l/100 km
193,0 - 203,0